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Python API for HackerNews

zihua 2014-01-20 23:01:54 点击: 818 | 收藏

Hacker News API

Unofficial Python API for Hacker News.



$ pip install HackerNews


If you love and use HackerNewsAPI, please consider donating via gittip. Any support is appreciated!



The class that parses the HN page, and builds up all Story objects


get_stories(story_type='') - Returns a list of Story objects from the passed page of HN. 'story_type' can be: '' = top stories (homepage), 'newest' = most recent stories, 'best' = best stories


print_story() - Print the details of a story

  • rank - the rank of story on the page
  • story_id - the story's id
  • title - the title of the story
  • is_self_post - true for self/job stories
  • link - the url it points to (None for self posts)
  • domain - the domain of the link (None for self posts)
  • points - the points/karma on the story
  • submitter - the user who submitted the story
  • submitter_link - the above user profile link
  • published_time - the published time ago
  • num_comments - the number of comments it has
  • comments_link - the link to the comments page

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