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Python Twitter Tools 1.9.1

zihua 2014-01-20 23:01:31 点击: 838 | 收藏

  • Default to the Twitter 1.1 API, and change docs to show this. Finally.
  • –force-ansi in the command-line tool, if you really really want it.
  • Embolden hashtags and underline @names in command-line output.
  • A _timeout parameter for calls to the API that take a very long time.
  • Archive your mentions or your favorite tweets using the archiver.
  • Save config files in the right place on Windows.
  • More things!

As usual you can get Python Twitter Tools from PyPI by typing pip install twitter, or download it from the homepage.

At this point I rarely do dev work on Python Twitter Tools. I merely evaluate and merge the pull requests submitted by other talented developers. A great big thank you to all of them! Their names reside safely in the Git project history, for all eternity.


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