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Pydev 2.6.0 发布,Eclipse 的 Python 插件

zihua 2013-10-10 16:10:54 点击: 916 | 收藏

PyDev 2.6.0 发布了,这是Eclipse下用来开发Python的插件。下面是一个调试程序的主界面

该版本修复了很多 bug ,同时包含一些新特性和改进,主要内容如下:

Interactive console

  • It's now possible to use the interactive console attached to a debug session. (patch from Hussain Bohra)
    • To use this feature either right-click a frame in the debug view and choosing PyDev > Debug console or create a new Interactive console as usual (Ctrl+Alt+Enter and choose 'PyDev Debug Console' -- but note that this option will only be enabled when in a debug session with a selected frame in the Debug view.
  • Fixed issue where completions from the console did not work properly with '%' because quoting was not being properly done.
  • Fixed issue where the execfile() redefinition in the PyDev console did not use the proper globals
  • When launching interactive console, PYTHONPATH order is properly kept (patch from James Blackburn).
  • Fix pasting into the middle of the console (patch from James Blackburn).
  • For paste, only go to the end of the line if the cursor isn't in range (patch from James Blackburn).


  • Improved preferences page configuration (links shown to add options).
  • Improved test discovery in PyDev PyUnit runner (exclude/include files/tests options added).


  • print may be used in dotted names as Jython requires for grammars 2.4 and 2.5.


  • In a build, PyDev could end up reading the contents of files unrelated to Python.
  • Django project startup compatible with django 1.4.
  • Assignments to builtins when in the class-level no longer generate a warning.
  • Fixed issue starting new thread in the debugger (fix for paste/waitress).
  • Fixed error configuring interpreter if os.path was not present.
  • Fixed issue when configuring interpreter which has unicode characters in the PYTHONPATH.
  • When searching for external files, also take a look at the configured projects, as it may be that the file should actually be found in an external source folder.
  • Fixed issues getting marker on files with a dirty editor and where we could end up getting markers from other files.
  • The scripting output console is not shown unless there's actually some output to show.
  • A bunch of other minor fixes.

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