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Pythonchallenge Level 12 (python2.7)

zihua 2013-09-28 23:09:51 点击: 1153 | 收藏

For this issue,
firstly, I downloaded the image, then I found its name was 'evil1.jpg'
ps: it would be perfect if you hold kind of curiosity! lol... because you may want to try what will happen if you try the name 'evil2.jpg'....
finally, a file named 'evil2.gfx' was downloaded.
Next,I was absolutely lost...

the code below is based on others' solutions:

>>> temp=''
>>> temp1=''
>>> temp2=''
>>> temp3=''
>>> temp4=''
#the reason for dividing this file into 5 parts comes from the initial pic
>>> for i in range(1,67575,5):
>>> for i in range(0,67575,5):
>>> for i in range(2,67575,5):
>>> for i in range(3,67575,5):
>>> for i in range(4,67575,5):
>>> open('0.jpg','w').write(temp)
>>> open('1.jpg','w').write(temp1)
>>> open('2.jpg','w').write(temp2)
>>> open('3.jpg','w').write(temp3)
>>> open('4.jpg','w').write(temp4)

5 pics are generated, put these words together then comes the answer: disproportional.html

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