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web2py 1.99.3 发布

zihua 2013-09-26 01:09:48 点击: 802 | 收藏

流行的Python Web开发框架web2py发布了最新的1.99.3 stable版本。
web2py刚刚获得了InfoWorld颁发的Bossie Awards 2011大奖,评奖编辑给予web2py的评价是“The best open source application development software”。


为将要发布的web2py 2.0做准备,这个版本中进行了主要修订。


moved to GitHub and abandoned Lanchpad
new web site layout, thanks Anthony
new welcome app using skeleton, thanks Anthony
jQuery 1.7.1
modernizr 2.0.6 (customized)
define_table(‘thing’, singluar=’thing’,plural=’things’)
CAS 1.0 and 2.0 compliant, thanks Olivier
fixed validate_and_insert and validate_and_update, thanks Anthony
request.user_agent().is_mobile etc., thanks Ross and Angelo
better router, thanks Jonathan
app on/off buttons
support for dropbox_login
improved markmin recognizes qr code, supports auto audio/video/embed
response.optimize_css = ‘concat,minify,inline’, thanks Ross
response.optimize_js = ‘concat,minify,inline’ thanks Ross
db.define_table(…,common_filter=query), thanks Yair
support for stripe payments
support for DowCommerce payments, thanks Dave
experimental PyPy support
experimental mongodb support, thanks Mark
tickets in db now accessible from admin, thanks Niphlod
many grid improvements and bug fixes

和web2py 1.99.3同时发布的还有web2py Book第四版,这是学习web2py开发的主要书籍,官方出品,以eBook形式发售,在线版免费。


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