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A new Django content management system

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Wagtail CMS

Wagtail is a Django content management system built originally for the Royal College of Art and focused on flexibility and user experience. Its features include:

  • A fast, attractive editor interface
  • Complete control over design with standard Django templates
  • Configure content types through standard Django models
  • Tightly integrated search (with an Elasticsearch backend for production)
  • Strong document and image management
  • Wide support for embedded content
  • Simple, configurable permissions
  • Support for tree-based content organisation
  • Optional preview->submit->approve workflow
  • Fast out of the box. Varnish-friendly if you need it
  • Tests! But not enough; we're working hard to improve this
  • To get you up and running quickly, we've provided a demonstration site with all the configuration in place, at; see the README for installation instructions.
  • See the Getting Started docs for installation (with the demo app) on a fresh Debian/Ubuntu box with production-ready dependencies, on OS X and on a Vagrant box.
  • Serafeim Papastefanos has written a tutorial with all the steps to build a simple Wagtail site from scratch.


If you're a Python or Django developer, fork the repo and get stuck in! Send us a useful pull request and we'll post you a t-shirt. Our immediate priorities are better docs, more tests, internationalisation and localisation.


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