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S3QL 2.8 发布,在线数据存储系统

zihua 2014-03-16 15:03:25 点击: 858 | 收藏

S3QL 2.8 发布,此版本修复了使用代理服务器的各种问题,更新内容如下:

  • Sending SIGUSR1 to mount.s3ql now generates a stack trace (debugging feature)

  • When passing --installed to the test runner, S3QL commands are now loaded from $PATH instead of the packages bin/ directory

  • The script now comes with the correct shebang (i.e. it can now be called as "./" instead of "python3")

  • S3QL now requires the Python Dugong module

  • A filesystem hang when all upload threads encountered unexpected backend problems has been fixed

S3QL 是个用来在线存储数据的文件系统,支持 Amazon S3 、SFTP 服务器等。


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