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Why IPy: reasons for using IPython interactively

zihua 2014-01-26 18:01:18 点击: 983 | 收藏

IPython is known for the notebooks. But the first thing they list on their homepage is a “powerful interactive shell”. And that’s true - if you use Python interactively, you’ll dig IPython.

Here are a few features that made a difference for us:

  • command line history and autocomplete

    These are basic shell features you come to expect and rely upon after a first contact with a Unix shell. The standard Python interpreter, without them, feels somewhat impoverished.

  • %paste

    Normally when you paste indented code, it won’t work. You can fix it with this magic command.

  • looks good

    Red and green add a nice touch, especially in a window with dark background.

Share your favourite features in the comments.


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